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- Link to direct ancestors of the person. (Pedigree Format)

- Link to the family page of the person. (Family Group Format)

- Link to additional family history information, facts, resources, annd external links.

- Link to email.  Don't be afraid to click on these!

- Indicates completed (verified) Temple Work Records for this person exist.  What does this mean?  Email me.


My Surname page is often the fastest way to find someone.  The names are alphabetized and linked to the pedigree page with the First Occurrence of that surname.  Multiple family lines with the same surname have the first name included to help differentiate.  By default, I will reference the page that will show the ancestor with their spouse.  From there it's very simple to follow the line back.


I have attempted to be as accurate as possible while compiling this site.  Please email me with any discrepancies you find.  I've made little attempt to distinguish between Birth and Christening dates or Death and Burial dates.  I use Birth and Death dates by default, but will use the Burial or Christening dates if they are more complete or the other dates aren't available.  This site is not the final truth, but rather a reference intended to help find the truth.

My online resources have been primarily,,, and  The names and dates I've listed should allow you to easily find resources at these websites.  These have been used in addition to information taken from my existing family's research.  If you require further clarification or would like to request GEDCOM files, please contact me via Email.  My family's "official" softcopy is kept on the LDS church's PAF program by my brother.  The website is simply a tool and a reference to help the work along, for me and for everyone else.

Courteous requests will be responded to in kind.


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